Why .VOTE?

You've Got a Party, a Platform and a Plan - now get your .VOTE web address

.VOTE is non-partisan and exists to end political cybersquatting

The political sphere is like no other.  Far too often, people register the domain name(s) of their political adversary and create a negative web page about this adversary OR they redirect internet users to their preferred candidate’s web page. 

This is not just bad behavior; it is bad for all internet users.  People looking for reliable information are tricked into visiting a web site that they were not looking for.

Simply put, the .VOTE rules put a stop to cybersquatting shenanigans (e.g., CandidateName.vote must be supportive/positive content about Candidate). 

.VOTE is available to all candidates from all political parties.

Your name, your politics, your official .VOTE domain name.