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Press Release

.VOTE Solves Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz’s Domain Name Problem

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s domain name problem is serious!


New .VOTE Domain Will Help Prevent Political Cybersquatting

A political campaign’s digital operation is becoming ever more-important to campaign success.


Philadelphia City Council Candidate Hijacks Domain Names

If you’re looking to learn more about City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, you won’t find it on KenyattaJohnson.com.


ElectHillary.com? RandPaul.com? Betting on 2016's hottest Web address

Election-year website squatters have dollar signs in their eyes, scooping up 2016-related domain names with the aim of cashing in on six-figure payouts...(The Hill)


Democrats decry GOP 'faux news' site targeting Barber

National Democrats are blasting their Republican counterparts for creating what they call "faux news"... (AZCentral)


Clinton.democrat sold to some guy in Kansas

Some guy in Kansas registered the domain name clinton.democrat before Rightside’s new gTLD went into general availability today. (DomainIncite)


Too Late For Rick Santorum?

A story up at Mother Jones today illustrates the perils of running for political office in the 21st century. (The Daily Caller)


Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan Forgot This Key Detail About Running for President

There's a long checklist of tasks a politician must complete before she or he can run for president. You've got to court the top political consultants to your cause. (MotherJones.com)


Candidate’s husband named in fraud case

The husband of a candidate in tomorrow’s primary election has allegedly committed fraud, according to a superior court judge. (Wake Weekly)