We handle all the details.
Send us your candidates, voting resolutions, and election lists, and we’ll make sure everything fits together.
Vogo gives your members have a seamless voting experience no matter where they choose to vote.
Members cast ballots online, or through print, integrated seamlessly.
Send your voters a letter, and they can mail that back. Or, they use their unique identifier to log in to your custom branded voting website.
Vogo sets you up with your choice of voting URL, uses your branding, and keeps your voters confidential information completely secure.
Show as many candidates in as many configurations required for your election
Want to show candidate videos and bios on your voting site with photos? We’ll make sure they’re all displayed for your voters to learn what they need to know about each platform.
Your voters can even go back and re-read and change their selections before the vote closes, or based on your organization’s voting rules and preferences.
Conduct surveys, promote online voting, add charitable incentives and more.
Connect with your members when they’re most engaged, during the vote.
Promote other aspects of your organization, capture extra member data and run contests. We’ll make sure your messaging reaches people who turn out to vote.
Security based on real world application
Security is one of the most important aspects of holding a vote. Securing ballots and membership information, and ensuring the integrity of the vote are all essential.
Membership data stays in the US, on US servers, for the entirety of the vote. Members trust that their data will be kept safe, and we make sure we are compliant with stringent security procedures that protect personal data and member lists.
“Vogo really streamlined our voting process and the resulting data analysis opportunities have been transformational.”
Alison Archambault
Director of Brand & Stakeholder Engagement, Connect First Credit Union
See how Vogo can help your organization
Vogo is customizable, flexible, and our team is ready and willing to make changes and add features that will help make your vote successful and effective.


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Posted on Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018