Ted Cruz - U.S. Senator for Texas.

Ted Cruz was taught the value of liberty and instilled with a passion to defend the Constitution from a young age. 

Raised in Houston, a city where innovation and determination meet Texas-size ambitions, Ted grew up surrounded by the American Dream. His Texas roots gave him a confidence that has led to many successes and shaped a character that has kept him well-grounded. Ted’s passion is to preserve liberty and the American Dream for future generations.

Soon after Cruz first took the oath of office as a United States Senator for the state of Texas, his unique upbringing made him immediately distinct. Unflappable in the face of opposition, and deeply devoted to his commitment to the people of Texas, Ted has time and again stood in the public arena as a voice for our founding principles and a champion of policies that unleash greater opportunity for all. He is a leading voice for economic policies and regulatory reforms that target job growth. Widely recognized as a bold defender of the Constitution, Ted understands that the freedoms we enjoy must be protected and preserved for future generations.  Ted Cruz is a Senator for the State of Texas, and together with his wife Heidi, and their daughters Caroline and Catherine, is proud to call Texas home.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017