Innovote makes open source based mobile device applications that allow citizens to vote from their phone or tablet, with the security and trust to allow Americans to vote for President. We aim to bring accessible, secure, transparent, and verifiable elections mediated by the Internet to governments everywhere at a price point an order of magnitude less than current commercial providers. is committed to freeing the software that underpins freedom. All of the core code is released as Open Source Software under a MySQL style license, where not for profit open source developers can use SecureVote code under the GPL, and commercial developers can purchase a license to use the SecureVote code. Because security should not rely on secrecy, all SecureVote code will be open, forever.

In recent years, many jurisdictions have moved backwards to paper ballots, as proprietary touchscreen technology was not up to the task. That’s why’s technology is built to run on today’s smartphones and tablets. The core apps will contain all the functionality that a voter needs to interact with their local elections authority. Where technology is deployed, voters will be able to:

Register to Vote
Manage their Registration
Sign and circulate petitions or measures
Vote in Elections

Though the platform provides a complete elections solution, it can integrate seamlessly with other voting schemes and is ideal for implementing UOCAVA voting while maintaining ballot secrecy and election integrity.


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Posted on Date:
Thursday, December 7, 2017