PoliticalBank to offer free dotVOTE Web Address, Website and Email

PoliticalBank and Monolith Registry Announce Partnership

Salt Lake City, UT – October 13, 2016 – Monolith Registry, the registry operator for the dotVOTE web address, and PoliticalBank, the non-partisan provider of solutions for candidates, today announced a partnership that enables candidates and other participants in the democratic process to receive a free .VOTE web address, website and email such as: www.JohnSmith.VOTE and Mail@JohnSmith.VOTE

PoliticalBank is focussed on helping voters and candidates prepare for elections by providing a website for candidates to raise money, rally supporters, recruit volunteers, and clearly convey their positions on issues. PoliticalBank is also a one-stop-shop for voters to help them find like-minded elected officials to support or to compare candidates vying for the same office.

With this first-of-its-kind agreement, candidates using PoliticalBank’s service will now receive a free dotVOTE web address to use for their campaign. The free dotVOTE web address identifies the website as political, and includes a built in call to action to vote - perfect for all marketing purposes like yard signs, handouts, direct mail, circulars, radio, TV and online. The free web address will direct to the candidate’s free PoliticalBank website, enabling them to take full advantage of PoliticalBank’s platform. Additionally, candidates will receive a unique, campaign oriented email address of their choosing. The first year of service on the web address and email is free.

"In the United States alone, approximately 800,000 candidates run for office every two years; 97% are municipal or local candidates who need a cost-effective, low maintenance campaign website. With PoliticalBank's strategic partnership with dotVote, local candidates like School Board member Sam Odle are able to roll out sites like www.SamOdle.Vote and take advantage of their branded email account, for example Sam@SamOdle.vote. Now parents and members of the school district can remember and find him online to discuss issues important to them," said Adam Berry, who co-founded PoliticalBank with Frank Short.

Founded in 2015, PoliticalBank is a nonpartisan political solution for candidates, elected officials, and voters. Candidates and elected officials can now use PoliticalBank to create a profile page that acts as campaign-central for pictures and information, raising money, recruiting volunteers, and communicating positions on any local, state, or federal issue in their own words. Voters can use PoliticalBank to learn about candidates running for office in municipal elections as well as other candidates and elected officials who have created a profile page on the site.

“dotVOTE” is a trusted top-level web address designed to put an end to misleading or negative websites during elections” said Roland LaPlante, CMO of Afilias. “Every registrant is required to warrant that they are the rightful user of the name and that they are using the name as part of the democratic (election) process. Misuse of a name subjects it to immediate removal from the internet. These rules are designed to provide a trustworthy environment for voters and candidates alike.”

Interested parties should send an email to support@politicalbank.com to request information about how to receive a free custom dotVOTE web address, email box and political website.

About PoliticalBank

Whether running for school board or the U.S. Congress, PoliticalBank is the only resource candidates and elected officials need to move their campaign forward. PoliticalBank offers a simple, interactive platform for candidates to raise money, rally supporters, recruit volunteers, and clearly convey their positions on issues.

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About Monolith

Monolith Registry is a venture backed by Afilias, the world’s second largest domain registry. Monolith Registry is dedicated to providing a space on the Internet where voters can find useful information from candidates and other bona fide political participants who agree to abide by the dotVOTE and dotVOTO registration policies.

Follow dotVOTE and dotVOTO on social media: Facebook Dot VOTE & Dot VOTO Twitter @dotDomain

Contact Information for Media Inquiries:

Alan Wallace, Director of Corporate Communications, Afilias + 215.706.5716 press@afilias.info 

Scott M. Carr, PoliticalBank + 317.727.3686 support@politicalbank.com

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Thursday, October 13, 2016