dcist: Trump Campaign Buys ClintonKaine.com

One lawyer living in D.C. has been dabbling in domain squatting for the better part of a decade, and his hobby just paid off big time.

Back in 2011 Jeremy "Pegg" Green purchased ClintonKaine.com for $8, one of many domains he owned and used to show his Harry Potter-themed cartoons like "Hillary Potter and the Boredom of the Phoenix." (Others included ClintonBiden.com and ClintonBooker.com, both of which still feature the Hillary Potter cartoons.) It was a way to boost visibility for his art while gambling on the outcome of the veepstakes.

Once Clinton announced Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate, Green's plan was to try to sell it for a five-figure sum. He's already sold Cruz2016.com and BidenWarren.com for $1,500 each this cycle.

And now, it looks like it has worked. Receipts Green provided to DCist show that he soldClintonKaine.com for $15,000 through a broker with the website Flippa, a marketplace for domains that will keep a $1,800 commission.......read more at dcist.com

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016