It’s about being there, through both good times and through times of struggle. It’s about rising to meet the challenges we face with strength and humility. It’s what has defined Anna Caballero’s career for 30 years.

Nobody running for Assembly has done more to help people across our region than Anna Caballero.

There Locally through Tough Economic Times

Anna was the first woman and first Latina Mayor of Salinas. In four terms, she carefully navigated the city through tough economic times and kept local public libraries open through a nonprofit she founded. She has also been a strong advocate for affordable housing, teens, and families.

There to Help California Come Back from the Recession

Governor Jerry Brown recruited Anna to join his cabinet and help him bring back jobs to California after the recession. Anna was there for us again, helping grow jobs, increase affordable housing, and protect families and consumers from fraud.

There for Local Working Families and Farmworkers

Anna started her career in 1982 as an attorney representing local farmworkers and fighting alongside working people to prevent plant closures. She then opened her own law firm to provide legal services at a price working families could afford. From the beginning, Anna was there for to our community.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016