Texas man snaps up JebCanFixIt.com

Jeb Bush could fix this.

The former Florida governor apparently failed to secure the JebCanFixIt.com domain name when he rolled out the slogan as part of the relaunch of his sagging presidential campaign.

In the meantime, Jimmy Flannigan, a former candidate for City Council in Austin, Texas, snapped it up and launched his own site, claiming Bush "is trying to steal my slogan!" (Flannigan, in his failed bid for a council seat, ran with a "Flannigan Can Fix It!" slogan.)

While there's no word yet from the Bush camp about whether it plans to try to fix the situation by buying the domain from the Texas man, Flannigan told POLITICO that Bush's failure to secure it was an amateur move.

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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 2015