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.VOTE: Shenanigan Free!


The DotVote Crusade to Defend Politicians From Cybersquatters

Jeb Bush would love it if you visited his website (you can see why, given his recent poll numbers). He’d be less happy if you clicked on JebBush.com.


Domainology: The Beginners Guide to Domain Names

How To Buy Domains, Switch Domains, Add New Domains, and the Other Technical Things You Have to Do to Live on the Web.

Press Release

PoliticalBank to offer free dotVOTE Web Address, Website and Email

PoliticalBank and Monolith Registry Announce Partnership


dcist: Trump Campaign Buys ClintonKaine.com

One lawyer living in D.C. has been dabbling in domain squatting for the better part of a decade, and his hobby just paid off big time.


We envision a time when our country's electoral processes will equally represent the rights and privileges of all American citizens.

Press Release

Welcome to Alabama’s New Voter Web Address: www.Alabama.vote

Alabama’s Secretary of State John H. Merrill has joined Secretaries of State from all over the country in making the process of registering to vote easier.


Secretary of State announces arizona.vote and arizona.voto domains

Michele Reagan is pleased to announce she has obtained two new and simple domain names to make it easier for people to locate information related to...